Lego Constructicons, from Transformers


Guess what these do. What if I told you they turn in to a giant robot? Well…

This is Devastator. He is made out of eight combined Constructicons: Overload, Scavenger, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Hightower, Scrapper, Rampage and Scrapmetal. They all combine into Devastator. Devastator is on the Decepticon’s side.

Mixmaster is my favorite. He’s the head of Devastator. Check out my video, and you can see Mixmaster.

Hightower and Rampage combine, too. They create Devastator’s left arm. Scrapmetal creates his right arm. Long Haul creates his left leg – I mean his right leg. Scrapper creates his left leg. Mixmaster is his head. And Overload is the bottom of the torso. Scavenger is another part of the torso. Devastator has like eight eyes.

It took me, like about an hour to make it. So check my video out:

My First Flying Lesson

I was assigned to this pilot. His name is Dan. We shook hands. He’s a very nice guy, and he told me, “Let’s get flying.”  01
This is when I was messing around with the ailerons. Ailerons make the plane roll. You control the ailerons with the yoke by turning it back and forth.The yoke also controls the pitch by pulling and pushing. The part of the plane that makes the plane pitch is the elevator.The rudder makes the plane yaw. The pilot controls the rudder with foot pedals.I could also push the airplane back and forth. Dan said, “This plane is pretty light.” And Dan said, “It is a twin rudder.”  02
This is when I was looking inside the plane. The yokes didn’t exactly look right. They were ovals.The back of the cabin didn’t slide forward. The side windows slid up. I saw the throttle and the headset.  03
This is when I was in the plane. It looked very different than other planes. This was built in 1948, but it has been under inspection. It came out 2-3 weeks ago.I was more worried about the controls than I was excited. I was watching Dan flip all the gauges up.Dan asked me, “Are you ready?”I said, “Ready indeed.” I felt a little weird as the plane got off the ground, but I survived it. I got to control the yoke a few times, which controls the roll and the pitch. I felt like I was about to flip over because this is what it looked like    /   .  04
This is when Dan gave me my certificate. It said Young Eagles on it. He also gave me a Young Eagles log book. I felt pretty good when Dan gave me this cool stuff.  05
This is when I took a picture with Dan. We were under the canopy. The weather conditions were great for flying! We are in front of the airport. The airport is pretty small.The thing you see on my jacket is my name tag.I was excited about flying. I want to get to solo. “Solo” means to get to fly the plane alone.I need to take “ground school” before I go up. In “ground school” you learn how to control the plane. Here are the four main parts:
1) Lift
2) Drag
3) Gravity
4) Thrust
If you know that, you can fly!!!

Click to see video from my flying lesson



My Summer

This is my baseball team. It’s a Cross Plains team. Machines pitched us the balls. We played in Cross Plains and in Middleton. Some of my classmates were on the team. I know basically everyone on the team.  Image
 I am at Blue Mounds State Park. The first grade teacher lives close to this. Can you tell where I am in the picture? This is the highest point in southern Wisconsin.  Image
I am at Miller Park in the batting cage. I hit one back in to the machine. Before the game, I did a 5K race with my mom. I got to go in front of the dugout.  Image
This is when I went camping. We were at Mirror Lake. This lake was completely safe anyway.I call this the Titanic. This one DOESN’T sink.  Image
I was at Circus World, and this is the “Wheel of Destiny”. The “Wheel of Destiny” is from New York. I’ve always wanted to do this. It looks cool, and it’s high. Mom and Dad, I think, might let me.My dad said, “No.”

My mom said, “No,” also.

I said, “Waaaaaaaaa!”   L

I saw this at Pope Farm Conservancy. It is a grass hopper. Can you see the grasshopper in this picture? I capture dragonflies, butterflies. I captured a bumble bee once. Lady bugs and Asian beetles are fun to catch. So are spiders. I look for lightning bugs and pet bees.I see Mr. Pope there, sometimes. He’s a nice guy.  Image
This was my first letterbox. A letterbox is something where you can make letters. Then you put them in a box. Listen to the clues, and you can find out where the letterbox is. This one is still here today. You can still find other ones at We have made a couple, but one has been stolen.We also tried geocaching. And for this, you can go to Start searching for them now. You have to use a GPS for geocaching. You don’t need one for letterboxing.  Image
This is me and my brother working together to pump the water fountain. We are at Picnic Point.That same day, I pumped another one at Parfrey’s Glen.  Image
This is at the Mallard’s Park. I am having fun watching The Sandlot. You might have heard of this movie. This is about these kids. And one kid wants to play baseball. The other kids are making fun of him. The kids you see on the screen are making fun of him. It doesn’t always stay like this. It changes throughout the movie. They’re all friends by the end.  Image
This is when I went swimming. This was a party. We are playing with water guns. We go swimming a lot.  Image